Fuck You Whales

Diagonal supports were rendered irrelevant as $BTC trended upwards to ATH. Currently at $66.2k. #FYWBTC is currently at a historically relevant resistance. Price will need to continue pushing upwards with strong weekly closes to break north of it and re-attempt the higher horizontal resistance that originally triggered the decline from $64k->$29k.
9/11/21 Update: I see two diagonals that could end up becoming relevant with respect providing strong support prior to $BTC beginning its next rally.
BLX vs OTHERS.D 1W, w/ forecast {5-3-19}
BLX vs OTHERS.D 1W {5-3-19}
ETHBTC 1W 5-3-19 [Poloniex]; 100%, it works every time. MACD is critical.
4/30/19 | BLX 1W [BraveNewCoin]: The 88-EMA is THE critical EMA of resistance.
4/30/19 | BTCUSDT 1W [Binance]: The 48-EMA is THE critical EMA resistance.
4/30/19 | XBT 1W [Bitmex]: The 70-EMA is THE critical EMA resistance.
OTHERS.D 1W. Got me thinking… #altseason
OTHERS.D 1W; Historically, the 74&124-EMA’s are relevant, and I expect that to continue to be the case.
OTHERS.D MACD Considerations.
$ZEN ZENETH 1D Horizontal support could be tested for a S/R flip… {4/5/19}
$TRX TRXETH 1D: My eyes are fixated on the 160-EMA as critical support. {4/5/19}
$PIVX PIVXETH 1D: The 40-EMA matters {4/5/19}
4/2/19 ETHBTC

I expect these $BTC 1W moving averages in the following two charts to provide very serious resistance to price-action, probably preventing any real bullish potential, and almost certainly directing price-action for another test of the lows eventually…

Zoom-Out to see how these moving averages have reacted over time.
BTCUSD 1W 3-30-19 21,88-EMA, 31-SMA Resistances
3/30/19 $ETH #Ethereum Update