Every viral/bacterial/pathogenic illness triggers the innate immune response, which involves microclotting as a means to capture the blood-stream intruders (immunothrombosis). Though critical as a means to mouse-trap these intruders, it also leads to secondary damage in-and-of-itself in the form of microclot-induced embolism and hemorrhage. This produces widespread organ damage, with brain tissue and heart tissue being involved, as well. This damaged tissue will need to repair efficiently in order to regenerate new tissue in place of the scar that remains, but this is not easy with modern diets. Indeed, we’re all familiar with this if you have scars on your skin from cuts in the past. That scar tissue is never quite as elastic or functional as normal tissue. Well, the scar tissue in organs like the brain are also likely not innervated as well as normal tissue, nor is it as replete with vessels. Scar tissue = fibrotic tissue. In the aftermath of a severe COVID infection, we have masses of fibrotic tissue that persist beyond the virus itself. And because that scar tissue is designed to provide integrity to the tissue in place of normally regenerated tissue, it can indeed thicken over time to ensure that integrity, especially when the local microenvironment dictates that the factors needed to promote normal tissue regeneration concomitant to fibrinolysis (scar-tissue breakdown) are absent. You simply can’t eliminate the scar tissue without concomitantly replacing it with normal tissue, because then this leaves the tissue vulnerable to further breakage and damage. So the task essentially becomes figuring out how to promote scar-tissue degradation while ALSO promoting normal tissue regeneration. They MUST go hand-in-hand. In my research, cholesterol and oxidized lipids are the biggest factors that promote aberrant fibrosis, while pro-inflammatory omega-6’s, while villainized, are required to reverse the pro-fibrotic milieu and return towards anti-fibrosis, and pro-regeneration. You simply cannot repair without omega-6-mediated inflammation. There is a reason why humans evolved to make use of these fatty acids.

I had PEM. I had that hangover and malaise in the 12-48 hours after exertion. I had the intense fatigue and lethargy, and I had the vasculitis and arteritis. I had the inappropriate dysautonomia. My focus was on the damage I sustained at the brainstem. I knew I had damage to the brainstem that was majorly responsible for the dysautonomia I was experiencing. I knew I needed to be careful with my diet to ensure that this damage repairs properly, managing the transition from necessary scar-scaffolding, to necessary tissue regeneration. I’m aware this is the exact opposite of what everyone chooses to do. I’m aware people opt for anti-inflammatory omega-3’s and NSAIDs instead. I would NEVER recommend my diet to anyone. My hope is that the scientific/medical community will start to focus on a lot of these concepts, and tackle them convergently through more orthodox means. Maybe medications.

But I’ll obviously continue with my unorthodox diets.