Science, translated.

The age of social media has brought with it a new class of influencers, individuals who, perhaps more often than not, aren’t qualified to be speaking/writing on behalf of certain subject matters. Take the fitness influencer, for example; often, we see individuals with synthetically modified physiques giving workout & diet tips to followers who may not be utilizing the same performance-enhancing facilitators. What’s created, then, is this disconnect, a massive ridge, between the influencer and his army of followers, wherein what works for said influencer, will not work for the average follower. This is a problem that must be addressed, and this is what this website will be dedicated to doing. Every claim should be backed by science, and this medium will stay true to this principle with incessant in-your-face research article references & excerpts.

These Notesheets are the only products you’ll see for sale on this website., otherwise, is simply a knowledge-sharing, thought-provoking medium. Why do these Notesheets, then, get a price-tag associated with them? For these three reasons:

  1. Extensive time & effort went into documenting all of these notes, with numerous studies & reviews having been tediously coursed through.
  2. Excessive cost went into accessing all of the information, as in far too many instances, studies & reviews were only made accessible after payment.
  3. Forfeiture of exclusivity w/ respect an ability to patent any creations that could be born out of the theories & hypotheses detailed in many of the Notesheets. Once these ideas are out there, they’re out there. Anyone can profit, and not just me.

Fizeek, by AykaneK